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Trevon's portrait clients will tell you that not only does he capture outstanding images, he does so with the utmost professionalism, while being efficient and passionate about his craft. He has a unique ability to put clients at ease and feel good about themselves and how they look in their images. He captures lots of variety in not only poses and lighting techniques, but also in expressions and backgrounds. Clients can be themselves and feel comfortable and confident.

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Here are some things to keep in mind while preparing for your photo session.

We strive to make your portrait experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible. With this in mind, we normally show our clients the results of the photo session immediately afterwards. Proofs are usually available to take home with you at that time. Proofing options include 8.5x11 proof sheets, a DVD with slide show or posting to a private web gallery for sharing with family and friends across the country. The session fee is payable at the time the session is completed.

At Trevon Baker Photography, we pride ourselves on working with clients to capture the very best portrait possible. As such, we recommend that your clothing choices include solid colors as opposed to prints such as plaids, stripes and busy patterns.

Long or 3/4 length sleeves will photograph better than short sleeves. Try to avoid turtle neck or cowl neck shirts and sweaters.

In group portraits, color choices should be kept to a minumum and complement each other.This helps bring harmony to the portrait.

Try to avoid fresh haircuts (styles) and women should try to bring a minimum amount of makeup for touch ups.

Remember, dogs and cats are part of the family and are always welcome. Let us know during the consultation if you plan to bring them so that we can make special preparations.

Download more tips here: Tips 1, Tips for Groups

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