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Backgrounds Slides by
Trevon Baker
Pick and Choose!

Hey! Check it out! Finally a means for Virtual Background users to pick and choose single background images to build their own "set". Order as many or few images as you wish either as a glass mounted superslide or as a high res digital file for outputting as you wish!

Many of you have seen Trevon put the Virtual Backgrounds system through it's paces at the monthly workshop in San Marcos, Texas as well as schools and trade shows across the country. Now, just in time for your senior season and beyond, Trevon has made available his favorite background slides and will continue to add new ones as he creates them!

These backgrounds are sure to expand your creativity immediately and ramp up your portrait sales! Many of Trevon's class attendees and fellow Virtual Backgrounds users have been waiting for these contemporary, unique background slides that include what Trevon likes to refer to as "New Masters", bold textures and patterns as well as some great street scenes from around the world!

Click on these links below to view what's available now!

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All rights reserved.